Quality Control Checks

Quality Control Checks

Quality Control Checks
Quality Control Checks

Accuracy & Speed

Accuracy & Speed are the foundation of successful Order Fulfilment.  Our services have been designed and built with these values at their core.  At each stage of the order fulfilment process we employ numerous controls both electronic and manual to ensure we consistently achieve the very high standards we set ourselves.

Pre-Emptive Controls

Built into our processes are quality control checks that allow us to identify issues and take action before it affects a customer.  This includes monitoring late arrivals of inbound supplier shipments, electronic monitoring of orders and alerts to orders that have not made sufficient progress through the order fulfilment process and monitoring carriers deliveries through exception reporting.

Tracing and Tracking

Our Warehouse Management and Customer Care systems both allow us track each stage of the order fulfilment process. These systems allow us report and continuously monitor quality and performance.  We openly publish our performance statistics with customers and each member of our team has access to their own quality performance statistics.  Should an issue arise with an order, our systems allow us to quickly trace back through the process to identify the source, and rectify the issue.


We believe that quality control is an integral part and responsibility of each and every member or our team.  Our highly motivated team are trained in quality control procedures and take enormous pride in ensuring they deliver on service and quality for each and every order.

Our teams actively monitor their performance with the aim to improve quality and performance.  We empower our teams to innovate, re-engineer and re-train on a continuous basis.


We believe that there is always room for improvement and continuously innovate and find new ways through technology and process engineering to set new standards in the quality and level of service that we provide to our customers.