5 Reasons Why You Should Partner with an Irish Fulfilment Provider

2015 has witnessed a host of international organisations and early adopters, seeking out Irish Fulfilment supply-chain partners; Here are the reasons why companies are choosing Autofulfil:

1. eCommerce Know-How

Autofulfil evolved from a fledgling online retailer, incubated at a time when eCommerce disruptors designed and built their own website, wrote their own software, while piloting merchant services in the process. During this coming of age era, Autofulfil assembled a world-class team with vast expertise in online retailing, resulting in an intimate understanding of your business needs! After all, Autofulfil was founded by online retailers for online retailers.


2. Ireland’s Trending

The proof is in the #Hashtag – Ireland is a magnet for talent. There’s a reason why multi-national corporations are locating their European headquarters here. Apple, Google, eBay, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and PayPal have inspired the explosion of a highly-skilled and entrepreneurial eCommerce industry. The Irish Government is a strong supporter of this entrepreneurial industry. Enterprise Ireland is now the largest venture capital investor in Europe. This culture has benefited many home-grown brands too – brands such as Stripe, Schoolbooks, Superlife, McElhinneys, Blondedge, Onesies, Voya, the Kilkenny Shop and Koooky. At Autofulfil we provide our customers with access to this pool of knowledge along the talent-superhighway.


3. Show Me the Money!

There are 4 ways in which an Irish fulfilment partner can reduce your costs and increase your cash flow –

(i) Avail of very low international shipping costs: Autofulfil is strategically located to access both the domestic and international offerings of both the Irish and the UK postal and courier networks, providing access to the best value in both countries while all your stock is efficiently held in one location.

(ii) We enable our customers to benefit further from discounted bulk shipping ratesthat we negotiate with our delivery partners.

(iii) No VAT is payable on services provided by Autofulfil to customers outside Ireland. This includes VAT on your shipping fees. So instead of tying-up capital in the VAT system, why not release it and accelerate the growth of your business?

(iv) The weak Euro offers extra savings for online retailers based in non-Euro countries like the UK.

In addition to improving the profitability and cash position of your business, Autofulfil (as your Irish fulfilment partner), could have a positive impact on the value of your business, should you ever consider selling it.


4. Lead the Way

With online consumer spend “up a remarkable 44% (yoy) in Q1 2014″ (Wolfgang), Ireland leads the way in Europe in the uptake of online spend and this impressive growth is accelerating. Also, in 2014 Ireland was the fastest growing economy in Europe, a trend predicted to continue throughout 2015 and beyond.

It’s not a question of ‘Why?’ but ‘When?’ other international online retailers will join the trend by setting-up Irish fulfilment partnerships.


5. Big Fish, Big Pond

Do you like the sound of that? When you come to Ireland you are more than just a number – you’re our big fish, and we treat you like one. But you’re not a big fish in a small pond. No, you’re a big fish in the biggest pond on the planet: Europe is the largest single market in the world with over 500 million consumers on our doorstep. And if that’s not a big enough pond for you, we’re also part of the global pond with the ability to get your product to customers in just about any country on Earth.


Please feel free to contact us to see what we can do for your business. Or drop us a line at info@autofulfil.com