4 Benefits for Small Business Owners

So your small online business is doing well, you’re in the black, products are selling and you’ve managed to get a healthy number of orders from your eCommerce site, but, could you be doing better? How could you do it better?


A similar business owner has outsourced to a fulfilment company to help with day-to-day order processing, and you’re not sure if your business could benefit from the same type of warehousing, pick-and-pack services. The questions is what kind of businesses need this type of service?


Fulfilment Helps Everybody!


If your business has an eCommerce component, you can benefit from both warehousing and fulfilment services.


Retail space is limited and as orders grow you need space for inventory overflow so you can keep merchandise flowing. If a customer visits your web-store and you don’t have stock on the shelves they’re probably going to click elsewhere. Being your “backup” closet is just the beginning of what a warehousing and fulfilment service can provide your business.


Most fulfilment companies will offer a great deal of control in terms of how little or how much of your business you want them to handle, either way they will free you from a lot of the busywork that keeps you from running your business.

Here are a few of the services that a fulfilment company like Autofulfil can handle for you:

1. Product Fulfilment.

At a basic level, your fulfilment partner will manage all your outbound product orders, accept inventory deliveries, input inventory into your management system, accept orders, remove (pick) products from inventory, pack them up and ship them off to your customer. You’ll save a bundle compared to paying for full time employees to do this for you and you don’t need to rent extra warehouse space all year-round, particularly important if your business is seasonal.


2. Catalogue Distribution

If you still send out catalogues through direct mailers or simply blast out coupons every now and again, your fulfilment partner can undertake theses duties too. Many also offer an in-house print service so you create custom flyers, labels and other promotional materials. The best part is targeted distribution with existing orders and past customers, dormant even.


3. eCommerce Maintenance

Keeping track of a virtual shop is a lot of work, sometimes it’s as easy to have someone else check this for you, make sure your Shopping Cart is still active. Not only do good fulfilment companies manage your eCommerce like clockwork, they can also integrate your eCommerce and off-line warehouse inventories into a real time system so you never have to wonder if you may have accidentally sold out of the most popular product in your online or bricks-and-mortar store.


4. Order Returns

It’s not fun to accept returns, but your fulfilment company can manage this too. On your instructions, their customer service team will send out prepaid mailers, issue credits and restock products that didn’t meet your customer expectations.


Growing companies find huge value in outsourcing their warehousing and fulfilment. Even small companies that are trying to do more with less can benefit from this type of service. After all, extra payroll, additional rented space and even the extra time spent dealing with a website eats into your bottom line.


So what are you waiting for, pick up the phone or drop us an email to see what Autofulfil can do for your business!