Ecommerce Platforms


Get set up in less than 24 hours with our one-click integrations with popular shopping carts.



We are directly integrated with the world’s leading shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. You can connect to us in minutes. Alternatively, use our API’s and connect to any platform and never have to manually transfer files again.

Choose from one of the options below:
Autofulfil integrates with the leading third-party shopping carts and Marketplaces to automate your Ecommerce order processing - fulfilment, kitting, pick and pack and shipping. So whether you use Shopify, WooCommerce or Magento, we’ve got you covered. This streamlining of your Ecommerce channels means you’re free to focus on your online retailing. Because with Autofulfil, we help you get back to doing what you do best – growing your business.



Integrate your Shopify shop, and your orders and stock will be updated in real time.

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Our Magento integration can easily access orders from this shopping cart for processing.

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Ship your Amazon orders through us or replace Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) entirely.

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Use WooCommerce - the popular WordPress plugin - to quickly fulfil with us.

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eBay is starting an export business to facilitate Indian sellers to sell across its major markets globally.



Linnworks offers a consolidation service, bringing all of your orders into one place. Our integration brings those orders to us.



ekmPowershop is one of the older players in the shopping cart market,but is still used by many and can be integrated with ease.


Order Fulfilment by Autofulfil automates fulfilment orders for Online Retailers and Ecommerce companies - Contact us today for more information.