Finally, a Solution for Those Lost Parcels

There are so many conveniences that come with eCommerce businesses. The ability to place an order right from home, from virtually anywhere in the world and receive that item in a matter of days is a modern marvel we often don’t appreciate enough. eCommerce is already one of the biggest industries in the world and only continues to grow by leaps and bounds. However, while there are so many perks that come with the eCommerce business, there are also a few risks as well – potential fraud, online theft and of course, one of the most difficult to avoid – lost and damaged parcels.



Many times, there is no way around losing parcels, and it unfortunately can make a major financial impact on today’s eCommerce companies. While most businesses know that lost parcels means lost stock, the impact of lost items adds up to more than just the value of the original product and its replacements.


Here are other things that lost parcels can cost you:

  • Your Reputation – The more often your company loses packages, the worse your reputation may become. You want your customers to have confidence in you and your business.
  • Your 5 Star Reviews – In today’s web-centered world, it is extremely important to have positive feedback from your customers. Unfortunately, the average customer only leaves feedback when they are upset – not when they are overly happy. You can risk your positive reviews online if you continue to lose packages.
  • Your Repeat Customers – it is very important for any eCommerce business to make sure that they turn first time customers, into repeat customers. However, losing a new customer’s parcel isn’t exactly the best step in getting them to buy from you again.


So, what can you do to avoid lost parcels?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to guarantee your parcels won’t be lost. However, there are things your company can do to help lessen your chances of running into parcel issues.

Correct Labeling – It is important to make sure that your packages are labeled correctly. This not only means a clear, easy-to-read and correct address, but also the correct return address as well. Eliminating errors like this can go a long way.

Proper Packaging – The right packaging can keep your parcels looking professional, but not necessarily appealing to potential parcel thieves. You want your parcel to look nice and not be suspect to the carrier, but also not scream “steal me” by advertising what is inside.

Tracking – With the help of a third-party fulfilment service, you can have all of your packages tracked so you can see where they are in the delivery process and where the parcel was last accounted for.


A third-party fulfilment service can be your solution to handling difficult fulfilment issues, including lost parcels with features such as parcel tracking. Having a professional fulfilment service handle things such as tracking and making sure that the packages are properly packed and addressed can drastically lessen your chances of running into lost parcel issues. If you are looking for a reliable fulfilment options contact Autofulfil to learn more about how our services can help your business today.