How Fulfilment Outsourcing Can Help You with the Highs and Lows in Order Demands

For every eCommerce business in today’s market, there are certain times of the year when order demands are going to reach a peak. For most businesses, this peak happens around Christmas, for others it may happen in the summer, or at the turn of the season. No matter when your peak demand time is, every business has highs and lows in terms of order demands, and handling these highs and lows can come with a number of challenges.

You need to have enough space, equipment and manpower to handle the peak demand times, yet know how to balance everything out so you aren’t overspending during your quieter times. It is a difficult balance to maintain, but the good news is, by outsourcing your eCommerce fulfilment, you can be better prepared in handling these fluctuations in demands.



Here are some of the many reasons you should consider outsourcing to help in these situations:


The Lows Won’t Hit You as Hard

When you are experiencing a high-volume of orders, it can be stressful on you and your team, but it also means you know you are earning the type of income needed to lessen the blow. While busy times can be stressful for some, for most business owners it is actually the slow times that can hit the hardest. Too many staff levels and empty warehouse space can leave you with a big financial burden during low periods. With a third-party fulfilment provider, you can enjoy the flexibility to help lessen the blow of these situations. You don’t have to worry about managing fulfilment staffing levels and they can help you avoid redundant seasonal stock and find cost-effective solutions to handling these difficult lulls.


You Won’t Have to Spend on Extra Staffing

While some eCommerce companies will interview and hire additional staff members to handle peak demand seasons, this can be a very costly decisions. While there are temp agencies available as well, their prices can be even more expensive. Using a third-party fulfilment service eliminates these costs entirely. They can make sure you have just enough manpower to handle your highs and that you aren’t paying for extra staff during your lows.


It Gives You More Time to Focus on Your Business

As a business owner, you have a lot to manage. This is why the most important perk of hiring a third party fulfilment service is that it takes extra responsibilities off of your plate. You can not only have someone else handle fulfilment for you, but you can have someone who has the experience and the technology needed to help you do this while maximising your profit.


You have so many responsibilities to take on when running your eCommerce business, and so many things that you simply cannot trust someone else to handle. Fulfilment does not have to be one of those things. Instead, you can trust this process to a company more equipped to handle these details, whether you are at your busiest time of year, or your quietest.


If you are interested in seeing first-hand how fulfilment outsourcing may be able to help your business, contact Autofulfil to learn more.