Cart Abandonment and How to Improve Conversion

Shipping costs and prompts to create a user account are the two most common reasons for e-commerce cart abandonment. What’s more, this process is detrimental to revenue and proof that many online stores are losing more than 75% of their sales to cart abandonment. 

So what can online stores do to reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion? Let’s take a closer look at e-commerce cart abandonment and how online stores can improve the rate of conversion.

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US Companies are Choosing Ireland For E-Commerce Order Fulfilment

Ireland has had a strong business relationship with the United States for years now but as economic instability with other friends of the US like the UK, Ireland offers even more promise for US customers.

In general, Ireland is very welcoming to international businesses looking to set up on our shores, a good fit for e-commerce businesses and online retailers looking to outsource Order fulfilment, pick and pack and shipping.

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Drive Traffic to Your Online Store Without Spending a Fortune

Let’s be honest, driving traffic to an online store is an expensive or frustrating process. As if that’s not enough, it’s often just as difficult to encourage online users to buy from you, as opposed to established names in the industry. It’s true, and even when you have the most impressive layout and best products, generating traffic is still one of the most challenging aspects of owning and operating an online store. 

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Kitting & Assembly

Kitting & Assembly is the process where a number of sku’s (simple products) are grouped together to form one new SKU (complex product), such as Gift-packs or hampers. Kitting is a broad term used in ecommerce order fulfillment space referring to the assembly of individual items into ready-to-ship sets.

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