Autofulfil is now integrated with Squarespace

Autofulfil Fulfilment is delighted to announce that we can now integrate Squarespace with our Warehouse Management Software to automate online order fulfillment, pick and pack and shipping.

We have integrated Squarespace

Having migrated to Squarespace from WordPress earlier this year with the help of our Friends at David & George, here’s our feedback from the experience:

1) Beautiful Design

One of the main reasons why Squarespace was chosen by the team at Autofulfil was Design. During our research we viewed lots of Squarespace websites that could only be described as ‘Striking’. Squarespace lends itself to image-led website design, with a minimalist text approach. reported that People process visuals 600,000 times faster than text. In the same post Ragan also state that:

  • Website visitors typically read only 20% of the text on a page.

  • People retain 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read.

With that information at hand, Autofulfil took the leap from WordPress to Squarespace.

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Website Design

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Website Design

Another aspect we noticed about Squarespace was the beautiful selection of templates to work with. Many templates bring a clean, contemporary look and feel to a website. Squarespace templates also offer different options when it comes to look and functionality, to create an amazing user experience.

Also, Squarespace is always adding new templates with new functionality, so lots of options to choose from.

Other Advantages we noted with Squarespace are:

  • Ability to switch Template at any time

  • High Quality template Library

  • High Level of Customisation

It makes sense that image and Video led content is trending - there’s a reason why Instagram and SnapChat achieved Global success and the fact that YouTube is the second highest traffic channel in the world, second only to Google.


2) Easy to Use

An attractive feature in a content management system (CMS) is an interface that allows users to edit text, images and other files for their website via a dashboard, without coding, the need for technical/HTML knowledge.

- Simple CMS Interface

This is a powerful feature. As a hosted product Squarespace users can access the CMS from any web browser by logging into their account, from which users can edit images and text to their heart's content.

- Drag and Drop

Another aspect that fits the ease of use mantra is the Drag and Drop feature. This makes Squarespace very intuitive with easy to use drag and drop options in all templates, as well as inserts to add custom code for the more tech-savvy user. The screen grab below shows this pop-up window in SquareSpace.

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Drag & Drop

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Drag & Drop

At Autofulfil we endeavour to capture Order fulfilment images or Pick and Pack processes as often as possible to demonstrate our services and operational abilities, so the facility to drag and drop ranking content like this with such ease is hugely beneficial. Also, each image can be tagged with keyword descriptions to enhance SEO, which is discussed below.

- Built in SEO

Compared to Wordpress for example, whereby SEO plugins are required, Squarespace has this feature built in. The image below shows how users can edit SEO keyword from the Blogging panel. As noted above, images have a field in Squarespace for SEO impact, and in two places – a) Underneath image in the reading pane and b) in the image editor itself, an Alt tag.

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace SEO

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace SEO

This again makes Squarespace very simple as there’s no need to select and update SEO plug-in. For Start-ups and Small to Medium business owners the ability to manage everything in the one panel is a huge time-saver. For Autofulfil, top keywords include Pick and Pack, Order Fulfilment and Ecommerce, which we can easily add in the Squarespace SEO field within a matter of seconds.

The only minor weakness with Squarespace SEO is the absence of H4-H6 fields, although less important than H1-H3, there is no easy option to add Keywords for H4-H6, unless you are prepared to add some code.  

- Blogging

Blogging and new content creation is an important aspect for any website in order to be found and listed on SERP’s.  The Blogging feature in Squarespace is a joy to work with … it’s so easy to use. The image below shows a screenshot of the Autofulfil Blog dashboard, which illustrates the array of icons available, to add anything from images, videos to buttons. In fact, in Squarespace there are 51 icons that enable owners to pretty much do anything to engage their audience. 

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace  Blog

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Blog


3) Hassle Free

SquareSpace is a one-stop shop with a simple setup process.

- Set-up

All websites need to be hosted on a server before being accessible online. With Squarespace, hosting is a built-in service i.e. the hosting is taken care of. As for the setup, it’s child’s play:

  • Sign-up and create a Squarespace account.

  • Buy a domain name in your Squarespace dashboard (or redirect your existing Domain).

  • Select a template, customise it as you wish and add your own content.

 In fact, you can have a Squarespace site set up and ready for your customisation in a few minutes. At Autofulfil we use our own hosting service provider, so this is an option too.

- Security

Squarespace control Website security, so your only responsibility as regards web security is to keep your login details secure. Given that Squarespace can take care of hosting and manage site files, the onus is on them to keep your site safe and mitigate potential damage by hackers.

Furthermore, maintenance is minimal. Squarespace is a dedicated service, responsible for keeping sites up and running with regular software releases to improve service levels and retain clients. Also, Squarespace doesn’t place any traffic bandwidth constraints on your site, so if your site suddenly gets thousands of visits a day, they keep it running fast for you.

- Lead Generation

The ability to collect new signups and pass data on to your email-marketing tool (ESP) is a must in the Digital world. Squarespace allows users to build email lists via opt-in forms that pass new signups to your ESP.

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Lead Generation & Forms

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Lead Generation & Forms

Squarespace has two built-in solutions - a) A standard form that can be added to any page and b) A promotional popup that can appear on the page or pages of your choice. Like all Popups, there are choices for when it appears, such as when the user starts to scroll down a page, leave or after 5, 10, or 30 seconds.

Also, when a new user signs up, you can redirect user data to Google Drive or MailChimp. If you don’t use Google Drive or MailChimp there’s the option to use Zapier to connect Squarespace with other ESPs.

 - Other Stuff

The Hassle free factor spans more than the points highlighted above, a summary of other stuff includes:

  • Bugs

  • Updates

  • Speed

4) Mobile Friendly

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Mobile

Autofulfil Order Fulfilment - SquareSpace Mobile

Squarespace automatically makes your website mobile responsive so it looks just as good on mobile devices as it does on Laptop or PC. The benefits include:

  • Better user experiences for mobile visitors

  • Google actually optimises search results for mobile friendly websites over sites that aren’t optimised.

  • Improved Channel Conversion

  • No need to add Android and Apple plugins.

Why is this important? A study by Think With Google reported that 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy a site's product or service from a mobile-friendly sites.

Squarespace gives owners a mobile responsive website that will convert more leads into sales.

5) Final Thoughts 

Two final thoughts for you to chew on from Autofulfi’s migration experience to Squarespace this year are:

- Pricing

The pricing model for Squarespace is not only competitive but it covers all business types. The monthly rate ranges from €11 a month for basic businesses to €36 a month for advanced Ecommerce websites.

- Specialist Support

As Squarespace popularity grows, it’s likely that more and more outsource specialists will arise to support the demand from business owners. For Autofulfil we found the service that the team (David, George and Rachel) at David & George provided during our migration from WordPress to Squarespace to be top-class and would highly recommend their services to others.

If you would like to talk to our team about Ecommerce Order fulfilment or pick and pack services for your Squarespace Website, then please call us on: +353 1 541 5460 or email: