Goods In & storage


Receiving stock and checking products into inventory.

Autofulfil specialises in eCommerce order fulfilment for fast-moving consumer brands.

The first step in the Order Fulfilment process is Goods-in. Inbound shipments are received at the Autofulfil Fulfillment warehouse directly from your suppliers. Each shipment is checked, verified and logged into our dedicated cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS), by Optima.

When you choose Autofulfil as your order fulfilment partner, you’ll gain access to Optima WMS – our cloud-based order fulfilment software. This enables you to manage the entire goods in process, from start to finish. As such, you’ll benefit from a pay-as-you-use pricing model, real-time stock visibility, fast and affordable international shipping

ecommerce Fulfilment Pick Face

Put Away – When products are checked-in they are given a unique location (Pick face) and placed on a shelf awaiting Order Fulfilment, Kitting, Pick and Pack before being shipped to your customer.


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