Kitting &


Kit assembly fulfilment for Online Retailers and B2B businesses

Kitting is the process whereby a number of sku’s (simple products) are grouped together to form one new SKU (complex product).

Autofulfil offers a range of kitting solutions for our customers. Whether it’s box assembly, Gift-packs, hampers, customised or mixed SKU kits we can take care of this for you.

An example of an Ecommerce kitted product that we prepare for an Online Retailer is a cosmetics gift hamper with 10 or more simple products. So when individual products are delivered to our warehouse separately we assemble the set to create one final product. Another example is a special B2B shipping box where an outer casing is fitted with secure compartments.


Autofulfil - Order Fulfilment Kitting for Ecommerce pick and pack.