Order Processing


Handling order fulfilment for your customer orders

When your inventory is stocked at our warehouse, Autofulfil is ready to process your customers’ orders. The first step is to automate the ordering process whereby we connect our WMS to your online store and other selling platforms.

Order Fulfilment

Pick and pack is a critical step in the order fulfilment process.

Firstly, all items in a customer’s order are collected (picked) from their unique location, after which, each item is put in appropriate tote, verified and finally packaging (packed), ready for shipping to your customer.

Autofulfil pick and pack fulfilment service - Verification Station

Autofulfil pick and pack fulfilment service - Verification Station

Speed and accuracy during this process has a big impact on your customer experience. If orders arrive late, damaged or contain the wrong items, your customers are less likely to recommend or return to buy from you again.

Fortunately, the Autofulfil pick and pack fulfilment service is here to help. Our Software integrates with your online store to automatically receive orders. We then pick, pack and ship 98.5% of orders on the same day, with 99% accuracy.

Our cloud-based warehouse management software (WMS) pulls down your customer orders directly from shopping carts and 3rd party ecommerce platforms. This automated integration occurs seamlessly, meaning that we receive every order soon after it’s purchased by your customer. The benefit is that your Orders don’t have to wait for you or your staff to receive, review, and forward orders to Autofulfil for pick and pack, kitting and shipping.

The Autofulfil end-to-end integration is fast, efficient and secure. Autofulfil can also accept orders via email if required. As a customer you have your own login credentials to our WMS to view dashboard reports where you can see inventory, order fulfilment status and customer orders in transit.


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