We take care of your customer returns

Returns are an issue for every online retailer, and some sectors more than others.

Returns or reverse logistics are an opportunity for a brand to showcase excellent customer service, reducing customer churn while improving customer retention. Autofulfil can take care of this for you.

What happens to your returns is up to you…whether re-stocked, clearance sale or disposal. The Autofulfil team will follow your preferred course of action.

The Autofulfil Return process:

Receipt of Goods: Returned goods are received at our warehouse in Ireland via the return address that you provide your customers for unwanted products or orders.

Quality Assessment of Returned Products: Each product is individually inspected to evaluate resale condition of the product before re-stocking.

Packing & Re-Stock: Those products that have passed return inspection process are booked back into your inventory via our WMS.

Failure: Our ustomer Care team will contact you when products do not meet re-stocking criteria. Images are shared to determine next best action.

Pre-assembly of kits

Sourcing custom packaging or materials

Promotional material inserts

Presentation / branded packaging

Box assembly

Assembling kits for monthly subscriptions

Promotional campaigns

Re-packaging products


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