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Autofulfil’s storage facility in Oranmore, Galway is a modern building with over 100,000 sq. ft. of racking space with flexible storage options.

The facility is clean, free from damp and protected from the elements. Racking is secure, and built to industry specifications.

Stock Received

Your stock is received by our team, who carry out detailed cross checks and find a home for it in our warehouse. You can see your stock being checked-in online via our customer portal.

Scalable & Flexible Storage

Your storage requirements grow as your business grows, so you only pay for what you use. That means, from a single pallet to the largest volumes, your storage overheads never outpace performance.

Inventory Management

Every element of your inventory ordering and control processes, outsourced to our team who are obsessed with getting it right.

Secure Environment

Regularly checked and held within a secure environment, your stock stays safe througout its time with us

Special Projects

Our warehouse can handle a variety of storage based activities, including bulk storage and larger consolidation or kitting projects.

Your Bespoke Solution