We Can Help Your Business!

So how can Autofulfil help your business?

Online retailers (OLRs) are well aware that the eCommerce aspect of their business is of paramount importance. By working with Autofulfil OLRs can do exactly that, focus energy and effort entirely on developing their business and selling products while entrusting the assembly, picking, packing, inventory management and logistics management to the experts, Autofulfil. Supply chain partnerships, in terms of eFulfilment or 3PL outsourcing, is becoming more popular each passing year as OLRs realise that their strength lies within the sales element of their business and not pick-and-pack logistics.



So, how does it work in practice?

Quite simple really; to begin with new customers send products or parts to our warehouse. From there our experienced and highly trained staff store each item in a safe and secure bay, dedicated to each client. Your retail system then sends orders directly to us. Our operations management process integrates these orders seamlessly within our daily production schedule, following which each order is picked, verified, packed, labelled and shipped to your customer. Once each order is dispatched stock levels are automatically updated.


Here are some of the features and benefits that Autofulfil can offer your business:

All start-up OLRs benefit significantly due to the fact that the need to locate and maintain storage and resources is negated. With Autofulfil as your supply chain-partner (for both start-up and established companies) OLRs can scale up and down in parallel with business or seasonal demand. Likewise Autofulfil provides a gateway to the Irish, UK and indeed EU markets for International OLRs, eliminating the need to incur high set-up costs while significantly reducing transit times.


In summary Autofulfil instantaneously provides your business with:

  • Experienced Internet Logistics Management Team & Dedicated Warehouse space
  • Warehouse Management Software System & Dedicated Packing and Shipping Stations
  • Inventory Storage Shelving / Racking & Order Processing Conveyors
  • Manual Handling Equipment including, picking carts, pallet trucks and forklifts
  • Agility to meet seasonal challenges in terms capacity (MRP) and staffing (ERP)


Get in touch to see what Autofulfil can do for your business info@autofulfil.com